Coach label best avoided

I never used the word “coach” to describe what I did when I started my
business in 1992, because “coach” was used mainly in relation to sports
and opera singing and not in the world of management. And it is only in
the last few years I’ve used the coach label, because now it is more
acceptable. It’s everywhere now and fast being adopted by different
sectors. Who hasn’t seen advertisements for a financial coach (financial
planners), career coach (used to be careers guidance), property coach
(used to be investment and real estate salespeople) and food coaches
(nutritionists and dieticians)? Given the label’s popularity, my hope is
that coaching isn’t seen as a fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow.
My hope is that “management coaching”, for new through to experienced
managers, becomes the organisational norm. And I hope that there are
others out there, like me, who call themselves personal management
trainers – because I’m the only one I know who does!

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