Finding good coaches made easier by the ICF

It’s never been easier to find a ‘good’ coach, thanks to the work of the
International Coach Federation (ICF). If you haven’t heard about it, the
ICF is a “non-profit, individual membership organization formed by
professionals worldwide who practice business and personal coaching. It
exists to build, support and preserve the integrity of the coaching
profession, through programmes and standards, supported by the
individual membership”. It currently has 10,500 members in 80 countries
and has 145 chapters in 40 countries. So, if you’re looking for a coach,
look for one who is a member of the ICF and one who has a coaching
credential. The coaching credentials (ACC, PCC, MCC) means the coach has
had many hours of coach-specific training, large numbers of logged
coaching hours and has had their work checked and approved by several
other professional coaches, in some stringent processes. Check out to find the coaches near you!

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