GROW coaching model could do with another letter

Even though I am a good speller and know how to spell GROW, I like to
add an additional R into the mix! GROW, as it’s currently used as a
coaching model, means the G stands for the client’s goals, the R for the
client’s current reality, the O for the many options available to the
client and the W for what is needed to be done, in order to achieve the
goals. I like to add an additional R, for reflection (GRROW) in order to
make that part of the process explicit, not implicit. It’s such a useful
thing to do, reflection, yet how much time do we give it, in any given
busy day or week? How often do we really think about why we want to
strive for the things we do or to determine all the things we need to do
(and possibly sacrifice) to get them? And how clearly do we see our
current reality (it’s so easy not to see the wood for the trees) and all
the options available to us? Reflection takes time but it’s the thing to
do if we (and our businesses) want to really GRROW and develop.

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