Management and business coaching not a quick fix, coach warns

One particular issue that makes my heart sink, is when working with
managers or business owners grappling with a long-standing
organisational issues, I discover they think coaching will be a “quick
fix” solution. This is worrying because coaching, effective as it is,
has its limitations. In itself, it isn’t a miracle cure (how could it
be?) but it is a highly appropriate mechanism for managers and business
owners to look at what has contributed to the development and
maintenance of long standing issues (i.e. systemic management failure
over the years; weak leadership; lack of resources, whatever); and to
consider what steps could be taken over time, to rectify the situation.
The key word in resolving long-standing issues is time – quality time to
analyse situations and problem solve – and timely action then taken, to
rectify them. So, quick fix, no, never. Timely action, yes, always.

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