Management coaching myth No.2 dashed by personal management trainer

I’ve often heard people say that “common sense is all that’s needed when
coaching others”. And while I think the notion is attractive, the
difficulty is that common sense is difficult to define. The Collins
Dictionary defines it as ‘good practical understanding’ – but of what
exactly? And can we be sure everyone has and operates by the same
definition? We can’t and therein lies the difficulty. Instead, I would
say that coaching others requires the coach to be skilled in a number of
core coaching competencies: setting up a sound foundation at the start
of a coaching relationship; co-creating the coaching relationship by
establishing trust and intimacy with the client; communicating
effectively throughout (active listening, powerful questioning and
direct communications); facilitating learning and results by creating
awareness, helping the client plan, set goals and identify their
required actions; and holding the client to account, by managing the
coaching process and requiring them to be accountable for their actions.
So, undefined common sense, definitely not; but coach-specific training
and lots of applied learning by doing, well yes!

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