Management coaching not just for new beginners, personal management

I’ve been interested to hear over the years how “management coaching”
is, in some quarters, perceived to be beneficial for “new” managers only
and not experienced ones. I don’t agree with that notion because
managers at every level of responsibility and experience have different
needs at different times, as they go along the management path. There
are however common issues managers face at every level: having and using
effective time management techniques, for one; dealing with “difficult”
situations or personalities, for another..and, having to juggle
increasing workloads with sometimes diminishing staff levels and
resources, as a popular third. So management coaching isn’t just for the
new-bees; it’s for everyone, at every level. But what is it that stops
this happening? What is it that stops senior staff in organisations
recognising that one-on-one coaching support is highly beneficial (for
all staff) and not a once-a-year token gesture, at the generally dreaded
and often avoided performance appraisal sessions?

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