A common theme emerges when talking to managers working in high pressure, high profile sectors – their description of working in what feels like a relentless squeeze. A squeeze created by heavy workloads, constant pressure and sometimes just enough organisational resources to get the work done. Another common theme is that of great fatique, the inadequacy of annual leave to refresh or regenerate and their distress in realising that their heart may have gone out of their job, even though they like aspects of it.

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An amazing thing occurred this week throughout New Zealand and Australia. The annual coach week was held from 14 – 18 May 2007 to raise community and businesses' awareness of coaches and the coaching profession. A number of different events happened, ranging from complimentary one on one coaching sessions by coaches, held in city shopping malls, to key speakers touring around different cities, speaking at coaching events hosted by International Coach Federation (ICF) Chapters.

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