Tolerations costly, management trainer says


I’ve learned a bit about ‘tolerations’ over the years and until yesterday, thought I had got them sorted. I had reduced my tolerance levels to irritants like dripping taps or an untidy office space, finding they were distracting and wearying and fixing the irritant the moment it first became obvious was the only way to go. Yet over the last three weeks I have tolerated extremely poor service from two service providers. I thought I had done everything I could to get attention to my needs and yet, despite my efforts, I didn’t get what I had asked for, when I needed it. The consequences for me were significant. I talked to a colleague about the situation I was in and was told, in no uncertain terms, I was too tolerant…that if after two days of waiting for a response, the appropriate action is to escalate the issue and go ‘up the chain’ of command; put deadlines for responses and if there is still no delivery, find alternative suppliers. I’ve had a timely reminder that I still have work to in reducing my tolerance levels and that direct feedback, from colleagues, is invaluable.

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