10 questions to ask a personal, executive, management or business coach


What should people look for in a coach? I’m often asked this and my short answer is “a lot”. The only way to find out about a coach is to ask a number of questions. Here’s my first 10 questions: (1) How long have you been coaching? (2) How many hours of coach-specific training have you had? (3) What coaching credentials have you got? (4) What’s your membership status with the International Coach Federation? (5) What is your coaching niche or specialities? (6) What are your coaching terms, packages and conditions? (7) What are your fees? (8) How do you work with a client in the coaching process? (9) What’s your coaching philosophy? (10) What’s your working/professional experience and background?    A really important factor in any coaching relationship is the compatibility between the coach and the coachee. If you feel comfortable with each other, have a good rapport and trust each other, then it’s a great starting point.

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