The International Coach Federation say in their latest report that the number of coaches applying for and holding an ICF credential are growing. Currently, 3,221 coaches hold a credential, including 1,464 Associate Certified Coaches (ACC); 1,133 Professional Certified Coaches (PCC) and 624 Master Certified Coaches (MCC). This is a great achievement and augers well for the future of coaching around the world, as there are 150+ local chapters in 41 countries.

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Coaching myth No. 4 is the one that says "coaching will fix everything". While coaching is a very effective way of supporting people to improve their personal management practises or achieve specific goals, it isn't a "miracle cure" by itself. A coachee can only do their own work, in their own way, in their own time frame and on things that are in their control. A coachee's ability to change things that impact upon them yet are outside their control,

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I've been reminded this week of the power of simple actions. I had been mulling over a particular issue for several months and while I had no concerns at the beginning of the situation, a month in I felt mild concern and of recent weeks, huge concerns. I felt burdened with thinking about the issue and in considering what steps I could take to improve it. I had analysed to the point of paralysis.

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