Simple actions have big impact, management trainer finds


I’ve been reminded this week of the power of simple actions. I had been mulling over a particular issue for several months and while I had no concerns at the beginning of the situation, a month in I felt mild concern and of recent weeks, huge concerns. I felt burdened with thinking about the issue and in considering what steps I could take to improve it. I had analysed to the point of paralysis. The simple actions I finally took was to talk the situation out with a colleague who paraphrased back to me what I had said; then talked me through my options. At the end of the conversation, I had had my concerns validated, had found some solutions that gave me piece of mind and best of all, felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Such simple actions – asking for help, talking something out, being listened to and having support in finding options – have a huge impact…I wonder why I took so long to do it!

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