10 Questions to ask yourself about self limiting beliefs


Have you ever thought you’d like to “do more” with your life? Or perhaps “be more” in some particular way? Or even “have more” of something or other? If you feel “stuck” and wondering if you are holding yourself back in some way, then now may be a good time to see if you have some self limiting beliefs (SLB) that are getting in your way. Find a quiet spot and ask yourself: (1) What are my self limiting beliefs? Dig deep here and reflect back on the things you may typically say in response to something, like “oh no, I’d never do that, I don’t have those skills”; (2) What areas do I have limiting beliefs in? – for example, use of technology; (3) How long have I held these beliefs? (4) How do I currently benefit from holding onto these beliefs? (5) What specific ways do these beliefs hold me back or limit me? (6) What decisions do I want to make about each SLB? – for example, keep it, as it serves me well; ditch it, as it doesn’t work for me anymore; (7) What specific actions do I need to take to stop each self limiting belief and develop instead, self actualising beliefs? (8) What will I be like when I’ve achieved what I want to achieve? (9) What will do I differently, in the future? (10) What will I ultimately have, as a result of moving forward in a different way?

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