End of year activities need to STOP, management trainer says


We’re coming up to a very strange time of year. That is, the “year end” activities such as clearing the desk, having staff and client functions, preparing for holidays, planning for Christmas etc. All of which can create extra stress and demands, so, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to get done and feel you’re rushing from one thing to another, without a sense of getting anywhere, then STOP.

S = stop moving, sit down and draw breath. T = take stock of what you’re trying to accomplish. O = observe what’s happening (your energy levels, level of effective functioning; conflicting demands and important deadlines). P = plan and prioritise (what really needs to be done? what can be left? when do important things need to be done by?). Then have a nice cup of tea and start again – but differently! This time of year doesn’t have to be a frenzy of relentless activity – you can choose to do things another way.

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