Procrastination eliminated by personal management training


Well yes, I’m kidding, because no amount of training in time management will eliminate procrastination in procrastinators. I say this because the reasons why people procrastinate are many and varied. They may not know what to do; they may be waiting for additional information to come to them; they may lack the necessary skills to do what the task requires; they may be waiting for the issue or task to mysteriously disappear out of their inbox and into another’s inbox; they may be waiting for motivation to strike them. One key to conquering procrastination is to know oneself and what is in our control and what is in others. It requires knowing the difference between work that is legitimately held up for good reasons (actions or events external to self) and knowing one’s personal reasons for avoiding doing things that may never be openly declared, such as a lack of skill, a lack of interest, a loss of confidence, a lack of motivation (all internal). An other key to eliminating procrastination is to know the deadlines and deliverables required and the possible consequences if they are not met. This may galvanise some, but not all, however. At the end of the day though, it all boils down to oneself because time management is about self management. Motivation for some things may never strike us, yet the work will still need to be done. Masking a lack of interest or skills behind excuses is a short term tactic, yet the lack of interest or skills lack will remain and will be obvious to others. Learning about time management techniques from training programmes or books will only work if the individual wants to improve their skills in this area; the learning is directly applied and used consistently by the individual; and any underlying skill lack or other limiting factor is identified, addressed and eliminated.


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