The tricky thing for employees in most workplaces today, is that aspects of the internal physical environment they work in, is outside of their control. The lack of or placement of windows; lighting; air conditioning or heating vents (someone always gets to work under them); the placement of desks in open plan areas; the choice of radio station on in the background – are all factors that may be fine for some employees,

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I do often think that annual business plans are a stunning waste of time. You know the sort of thing – lots of people involved, a whole day or more out of the workplace, heaps of work, enthusiasm, good intentions and careful word-smithing of the final document – that once written, sits in the bookshelf, unopened, from one year to the next. And the pity of this situation when it happens (for it is quite common),

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I've been greatly moved watching the television programmes and tributes about Sir Ed. I am amazed at how one person's determination, energy and drive focused on a particular goal, enabled an entire region to have education and health care facilities. A story he often told was when at school a particular teacher once assessed him as being physically inadequate and overall, in general, pretty well useless. I like the story because it illustrates how we were at school isn't an accurate marker to how we are going to be as adults and what we are capable of.

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What is the ideal amount of time to be in a role? I suspect the maximum amount of time may be 2-4 years for maximum learning and beyond that, familiarity and comfort zone factors kick in and the lure of any "golden handcuffs" becomes too strong. People who stay years and years in a role may believe they are accruing years of valuable experience, but is it really new experience or merely 1year of experience,

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I've had people tell me that "to do" lists are for sad creatures who really need to get a life. Moreover, I've heard lists are boring, stifle creativity and stop people being "in the moment". Do they really? I think not. To do lists are a key time management technique for busy people to use and give an effective way to record what tasks need to be done and also the priorities within them –

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