Lists reign, management trainer believes


I’ve had people tell me that “to do” lists are for sad creatures who really need to get a life. Moreover, I’ve heard lists are boring, stifle creativity and stop people being “in the moment”. Do they really? I think not. To do lists are a key time management technique for busy people to use and give an effective way to record what tasks need to be done and also the priorities within them – the A’s, B’s or C’s. Lists are a great way to ensure important tasks don’t drop off the table or become buried amongst other competing priorities. And keeping lists of things to do in one’s head isn’t the best idea, because the mind is typically packed full – and may get forgetful, under pressure of work, stress or hormonal changes. For me, “to do” lists are the domain of people who want to achieve the most they can in the time available and get their results in the most time efficient way possible – and still have a life!

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