I never cease to be amazed when I hear staff speak of working under managers who are tyrants and bullies. I've heard staff describe their manager as speaking the corporate speak in public (or in earshot of their own manager) and trot out the usual thing – valuing their staff, importance of good management and leadership etc – yet outside of the peer-watched forum, do the exact opposite. Staff have described being hounded with unreasonable demands;

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In every city and town across the world, a silent army of volunteers goes about its business supporting groups of people in their community. Thousands and thousands of hours of voluntary labour and time are given willingly, through the day or in the evenings or weekends and through their efforts, things happen. Children are coached at sport; the elderly receive hot meals; citizens get free advice; homes are built for those in need and ….

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  I've had cause this week to think of gatekeepers – the people who manage other people's diaries and take calls on their behalf and constantly say "so and so is unavailable right now, I'll take your name and get them to call you when they're free". Many find themselves in an awkward position when they know "so and so" has no intention of ever returning the messages and the caller keeps ringing in, trying to make contact and leaves yet more messages,

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I've come to realise having a busy brain can be a real nuisance. I get random thoughts about work – things I must do etc – all through the day and in the evenings and I now have a small notebook and pen in the car, in every handbag and on the bedside table, for those can't-be-missed thoughts at 1.00am. Every time I do a brain drain and jot things down, the peace of mind is considerable.

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