Information overload causes drowning, management trainer believes

Although I read daily newspapers, watch the television news, read business journals, subscribe to a number of business related e-newsletters and read a range of educational books to learn from and be aware of things, there is a huge, growing part of me that doesn’t want to do this any more. Some days I feel completely overwhelmed with information coming at me and I drown in information overload. I know my head is completely under the water line when I feel my stomach sink in opening up the email box; when I look at business journals and with a heavy heart, speed read them to find and rip out articles of interest; when I read the business pages with irritation at the nay-sayers talking themselves and others into recession mentality. I’ve decided I may take a leaf out of Timothy Ferriss’s book “The 4-Hour Work Week”, in which he suggests we waste a great deal of time information gathering, an activity that is a poor use of time and one which takes our focus away from our work. He describes how he stopped reading newspapers and watching the news etc and used the time to focus on his business. I find the notion attractive. I feel encouraged to give it a go and see what happens. And it may be a lot easier than swimming lessons.


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