Middle Ages best time of all, management trainer believes

I’m always a bit amused when I hear people speak about turning 50 or being in their 50’s, and describe themselves as aging, ancient beings on a slippery slope to ill health and the grave. I’m always shocked when I hear the same people lament that life is passing them by and it is too late to do anything different career wise because time is short; and it’s not appropriate to dream anymore of what might be possible, even if they would like to do something new and different. I don’t like this perspective at all, as it traps people in a narrow cage of limited possibilities. I prefer to view this time in life as the perfect time to reflect upon what life has been like thus far and to dream about how it could be in the future. It is the perfect time to reinvent oneself and leave behind any inherited shoulds, oughts, or must-dos. It is the perfect time to follow the calls of the heart (the yearnings about what we’ve always wanted to do or explore) and not the head. It is the perfect time to consciously discard negative, inaccurate, outmoded, stereotypical views of aging. It is the perfect time to be bold and demonstrate that the middle years and beyond, can be the best time of all.

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