Passion is missing, professional coach believes

Just recently I was at a function to celebrate the beginning of an organisation’s training and development initiative and the CEO spoke of passion and how important it is in the workplace. The passion he spoke of concerned managers and their everyday decisions and asked if the business was their own, would they be so casual about budget blowouts and writing off bad debts? Would they be so casual about tolerating poor performers? Would they be so reluctant to show initiative and lead the way? He thought not and I did agree with him. It is easy not to care so much when a salary goes into a bank account regardless of whether we strive for excellence or take a near enough is good enough approach. Yet the pity of that approach is that everyone in the organisation and the organisation itself, suffers, over time. Just imagine what could be achieved if everyone cared passionately about what they were doing and viewed the organisation they worked for, as their own.

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