I was in a forum recently and heard people talking about their time management and workload management. A number were saying there was nothing that could be done in their daily approach to improve their lot. Yet, in fact, there was. Some had open-ended meetings, so they didn't control their start and finish time; some had a perpetual open door policy so they worked with constant interruptions; and too, some were total slaves to the email alert and the attractions of incoming email.

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It's often difficult when we realise our heart has gone out of what we're doing work wise and we know we really don't want to do it anymore. We may face dilemmas over what we could do next; whether we could step away from something that may have been once all consuming or interesting; and we often experience loss and grief over what was and what may have been, if our interest or enthusiasm hadn't waned.

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Have you ever looked around you in workplaces and noticed how tired and stressed people look as a result of long hours, pressured roles, commutes, a busy personal life and commitments out of work? Come to that, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? It's so easy to put oneself at the bottom of the care list because oftentimes, everything and everybody else takes precedence. Yet, if we were to imagine ourselves as a golden goose who lays golden eggs (our uniqueness –

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There is real value in coaches having coaching themselves, especially when they find themselves struggling with something and can't think for thinking about it or have thought themselves into a complete standstill. The value of a pair of fresh eyes and ears on an issue is that it brings a fresh perspective, a thinking partner and endorsement on what has been done or may be considered in the future. It can also bring much needed challenges to one's own thinking,

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