Production of golden eggs under threat, personal management trainer believes

Have you ever looked around you in workplaces and noticed how tired and stressed people look as a result of long hours, pressured roles, commutes, a busy personal life and commitments out of work? Come to that, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? It’s so easy to put oneself at the bottom of the care list because oftentimes, everything and everybody else takes precedence. Yet, if we were to imagine ourselves as a golden goose who lays golden eggs (our uniqueness – who we are, what we do, how we do things) we’d be foolish to let anything happen to the golden goose because if we did, there would be no golden eggs – and then where would we be? The way to get a lifetime of golden eggs is to engage in self care. This means looking at all the factors at play in our world and identifying what helps or hinders us in keeping well; and then doing something about the factors that are harmful. So, quackle along now and take a good look in the mirror….

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