The latest newsletter of coaching colleague Belinda Merry ( reminded me of a book I've been meaning to read for years but haven't, although it is now on my to ­do list for this weekend. The book is called The Corporate Athlete by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz and they suggest that those of us in the business world can learn lessons from high performance athletes, who train, perform then rest after events.

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I’ve been reminded of late of how the cultures of some organisations are really unhealthy. Organisational cultures are the look and feel of a place and described by the staff themselves. Healthy workplaces are typically described as happy, fun to be in, enjoyable, a team spirit, hardworking, lively and vibrant; whereas unhealthy workplaces may be typically described as negative, unhappy, aggressive, violent, gossipy, back stabbing and more. Unhealthy workplaces aren't fun to be in and staff may become adversely affected by staying in them.

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There's a world of difference between coaching and therapy many people coming to coaching for the first time may not know it. Therapy is therapeutic in nature and involves supporting people resolve past issues and heal from the past. Coaching isn't therapeutic in nature and has a present to future focus. It is future orientated and involves supporting people to create the futures they want to have.

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On some frequent trips to Wellington New Zealand, recently, I've had the good fortune to be taken around by the same taxi driver and hear about life in India, its customs and practices. Our countries couldn't be more different and I've found it interesting to hear the driver speak of the bounty he has found in New Zealand: clean air, clean water, regular electricity, low population and no corruption, which means doing business here is easy in comparison.

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