Have you ever been in a situation where you "felt" something wasn't quite right for you but you ignored the feeling, proceeded on and then discovered later that it wasn't right for you for good reason and you wished you had listened to your inner voice? If you have done this, you are in very good company. Many of us function fully at a head level using our rational minds and dismiss or ignore what the rest of our bodies tell us ­

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The lead up to the Christmas holiday season gets many people into hyper drive as they try to finish things up at work so they can come back to a clear desk after the holidays. That, plus making holiday plans, gift shopping and attending end of year functions etc means a great deal of additional stress can be created on top of the normal everyday activities. Instead of getting into hyper drive, an alternative is to deliberately slow down and plan for what needs to be done;

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Have you ever noticed how often people say things like "I'll need to get my head around that" or "it's going round and round in my head" as a way of saying they're trying to understand something or make a decision about something? I love these phrases because they signal where the beginning point is for change, albeit to our thinking, our actions or what we may say about ourselves and others ­ our minds.

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