I love the phrase "you can't build a reputation on what you're planning to do". I've had reason to recall it recently as I've dealt with some shoddy workmanship in my office. It amuses me to see companies say in their advertising material how they are customer focused, take pride in their work etc, etc and send invoices saying how much they appreciate your business, yet fail to adequately monitor the work being done and encourage,

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A speaker at an evening I was at recently said "it's ok to have unreasonable aspirations". She said this to explain her story of having a vision for a new business and despite all odds, over a period of years, created exactly what she wanted. She spoke of the people who said her ideas were unrealistic and unachievable; and spoke of the small core of people who believed in what she was creating. I have since reflected many times on her comment –

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I'm always surprised when I hear managers complain about not getting around to important tasks in their job, because their day is taken up with interruptions, meetings and dealing with the unexpected. When questioned, many managers reveal they don't diary in specific time to do some of the important tasks as they try to work it in and around their usual busy and interrupted day…then wonder why it doesn't get done. If you want to ensure you always get the important tasks done in a timely way,

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I know few people who really enjoy cold calling in the search for new clients yet know many who enjoy networking events as a means of meeting new people and expanding their circle of contacts. A website that offers free articles and tips on dumping cold calling as a way of getting prospects and replacing it with a referral-based approach is http://www.nomorecoldcalling.com/ It's well worth a visit.

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