For many, the thought of systems, system development and using systems in their workplace constitutes the height of dreariness. Free spirits often like to do their own thing with systems and sometimes develop their own and ignore the organisational ones. The trouble with this approach is that good systems are designed to process information and/or material in the most efficient and effective way and ideally, the systems themselves have been well developed to eliminate any processing gaps,

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 I came across this phrase just recently and it took my fancy. It suggests that if we think we can do something we will, thereby showing we could and did; and if we think we can't do something we won't, thereby showing we couldn't and didn't. Some years ago I wondered if I could walk a half marathon – it seemed such a large distance – however, I thought I could do it and did so.

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I'm shocked, I really am. I went trekking-shoe shopping on Friday night and had the most amazing customer service experience ever. The store manager introduced herself, offered her hand to shake, found out what I was after, chatted about things as she sorted the fit for purpose shoe and went to great lengths to ensure the final shoe was the right one, in every respect. She focussed totally on my needs and made sure she met them,

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I grant you it's not the most elegant phrase in the world, but it's a good one. I often say it to myself when I'm hesitant about doing something and doing the 'will I, won't I' thing. And once I've made the decision to get over myself, I make decisions and get into gear pretty quickly. All too often our internal self talk, fears, imaginings and nervousness overtakes us and we get stuck. So, if, like me on occasions,

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