Systems organisational oil that keeps the wheels turning, management trainer believes

For many, the thought of systems, system development and using systems in their workplace constitutes the height of dreariness. Free spirits often like to do their own thing with systems and sometimes develop their own and ignore the organisational ones. The trouble with this approach is that good systems are designed to process information and/or material in the most efficient and effective way and ideally, the systems themselves have been well developed to eliminate any processing gaps, duplicated effort and bottlenecks. So any do your own thing approach tends to cause problems eventually. Systems need to be monitored to ensure they're working in the way intended and staff also need to be monitored, to ensure they're using them. Time invested in systems development is time well spent, as systems are the organisational oil that keep organisations working. If you do needs systems developed, use people who can see all the component parts of a system, as well as the overview of the system in its entirety and how it interrelates with other organisational systems.