It's surprising sometimes to find basic courtesies missing from daily business interactions. The sort of things like being on time for scheduled meetings, replying to telephone calls or emails in a timely fashion (as in 1-3 days), thanking people for what they've done for you; acknowledging people when you see them and passing on referrals and information when needed. These things take so little effort to do and they're important. Not doing them makes us memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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It always horrifies me when I encounter a toxic workplace. You know you're in one by how it feels and how it sounds, when staff talk about their experiences in the workplace. By toxic I mean a workplace that has disgruntled, unhappy employees as well as happy ones; good managers as well as very poor ones, at all levels within the place; an overriding culture of fear or concern for speaking out about what's not alright in the place;

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At a seminar recently, a speaker said "change the way you see things and what you see will change". It is a pithy, useful statement and gives food for thought. For how often do we find ourselves talking about the things we couldn't do, for a whole raft of reasons, and then find ourselves, sometime later, doing something on that list we thought was beyond us and being delighted that we had? How often do we hold onto our own interpretation of things,

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I'm no fashionista by any means but have you ever noticed the Vivaldi four seasons working wardrobe for many men and women is a relentless black? I was stuck at the airport last week and had ample opportunity over two hours to do a fashion police check on those who streamed in and out of the departure gates and it was a dull sight. Black certainly is a serviceable colour but trouble is, it doesn't suit everyone and in winter especially,

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