Behaviour change a four step process

In reading about professional development the other day, I discovered there are four learning stages a person must go through before a behaviour change can occur: the first requires us to be aware of something i.e. an idea, a requirement; the second requires us to have an understanding of what the idea or requirement may mean or require of people; the third requires accepting that what needs to change must be changed and then changing one's own ideas, beliefs, attitudes or values to accept the change; and the fourth requires us to apply the new learning or knowledge that's needed, to create the necessary change. It certainly got me thinking – how often do we do PD activities and know at a head level we must accept some change yet fail to apply the new learning or do what's needed? How easy is it to understand what may be required yet fail to truly accept what must be changed? The steps show that true learning and change can only occur if all four steps are successfully integrated and completed.