Don’t assume, don’t ignore and monitor progress, personal management trainer asks

Oftentimes, managers don't closely monitor the outcomes their staff are required to deliver. It happens easily enough: a full workload, lots of conflicting demands, running around like a headless chook – all things that may divert a manager's attention from ensuring the deliverables are delivered on time, every time. The problem with assuming that work is being done or ignoring the work that's due but very late, is that it signals to staff that deadlines don't mean much or the deliverables aren't that important either. It leads to lowered workplace standards and, dare I say it, people being busy but not necessarily productive. So, if you haven't checked your standards recently, do so – are they low, medium or high? How consistent are you, in your expectations of your staff? How do you really rate, as a role model to others? How well do you walk your talk?