Self employment not for sissies, business coach believes

I work with self employed business owners and have discovered that all, at one stage or another, find the business of being in business, too much on occasions. This is because small business owners with no staff or one staff, find themselves being the Jill and Jacks of all trades – the cleaning, the administration, the strategic thinking and planning, the marketing person, the accounts person, the IT person, the you name it, they're it. It does get tough at times. It is often hard to see the wood for the trees. It is often difficult to keep going if the light at the end of a particular tunnel is nowhere to be seen. What often helps is talking to other people who know the realities of being in business; getting a coach or mentor; outsourcing as much as possible; taking mini breaks and looking at the goals and expectations of oneself and the business – to see if they are reasonable, realistic and achievable, given the available resources.