It's easy to get into a state of doom and gloom when we are hit with countless reports of what's wrong in various markets, the economy, the cost of living, the affordability of this that and the other thing. And add an overlay of workplace realities – like another round of change, loss of staff or additional expectations on busy staff – then it isn't surprising that people may become negative and workplaces too. A negative work environment takes a fair while to develop and staff in these environments often adopt survival mechanisms i.e.

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Collegial support is a simple thing in principle yet in practice, it's priceless. Every business owner and manager and employee needs support in the workplace and it can take many different forms, such as: a listening ear, a word of caution, an endorsement of an achievement, an acknowledgement of difficult times, the giving of resources, passing on referrals, lending a hand through a difficult time. A supportive workplace tends to be a happy workplace –

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How many organisations do you know that actively engage in succession planning? I don't know that many that do and I'm always amazed when I hear about an organisation that does have an active plan in place and a decent one at that – one which involves identifying potential people within and external to the organisation. Succession planning isn't just the domain of large organisations as the principles apply equally well to small to medium sized ones.

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I get concerned whenever I hear staff in their late 50's or early 60's, say they just want a cruisey time in the run down to their eventual stop to full time paid work, when they're about 65 years or so. What is often implied with this attitude (and often openly declared) is that they'll just do what's necessary and nothing more or they'll give a wide berth to change projects or difficult things, because they can't be bothered doing that stuff any more.

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Mistakes, errors, misunderstandings and misinterpretations, occur in every workplace. It is just how it is, when dealing with people, complex issues or situations, work pressure, ongoing demands and the like. What also happens in many workplaces when unfortunate and unexpected things happen from time to time, is that the situation is looked at and the issue is resolved as quickly as possible, through problem solving, and life goes on. Yet what often gets forgotten is the value in conducting an in-depth review on how procedures,

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