Contemplating quitting work, a project, a business or a business idea can be a valid and attractive option on occasions. It may be much easier to say than actually do, because by the time we think of exiting ourselves from something a huge amount of time, personal energy, or money has been invested. There's a fine line too, between not putting enough into something, putting just the right amount for the situation or completely going over the top and losing perspective completely.

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We can easily waste energy and time by attempting to do some tasks associated with another task, when we're in the midst of a priority task. We can be diverted when a thought pops into our mind about another piece of work and we then go and do something about it, rather than making a note about what we thought of, to come back to at a later time. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get the brain back into the first task when we divert ourselves from the main task in hand,

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Sometimes, out of the blue, we may find ourself experiencing a sudden loss of confidence. It may be triggered by specific events at work or people»s reactions to what we are doing or planning to do.  It»s a horrible state to be in however there are some steps we can take to get our equilibrium back: pinpoint the specific triggers that set us off; identify and acknowledge the feelings that have arisen; talk to a trusted colleague or friend about the state we are in and our perspective on what has happened;

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