Reg Garters writes a regular column in The Press (Christchurch, NZ) and in his column May 1, 2010, (H2) entitled Reviews garner all feedback, he spoke of the acronym Denba, to help in doing performance appraisal interviews. He explained Denba means: Describe – the specific behaviours you observe; Effects – explain what effect behaviours have on others; Needs – tell a person what needs to be done to make a situation satisfactory; Benefits – give a clear statement of the benefits to the person,

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Now for a great story – it's great because it shows how easily businesses can lose business and their reputation without even trying. My friend's husband wanted to install a particular sort of heating system in their house. The product he wanted was around $10K all up, he wanted to install the heating as soon as possible and he phoned sixteen companies, explained his needs and asked them for a quote. They all promised they would be back in touch within the week.

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Here's a plea to those new to management roles or new at being a business owner. Do consider undertaking management courses and formal study to find out what you know already and what you don't know about management functions, managing staff, strategic thinking and planning and all the rest in-between. In the absence of knowledge about best management practices, we typically resort to role modelling the management practices and behaviours we have experienced ourselves. There is no guarantee that what we have experienced and adopt is good and if so,

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