I had an interesting experience recently when I met with numbers of staff in an organisation and asked them what their department's vision and values were. The answers varied greatly however the most common response was they had no idea and that they'd no doubt follow them if they knew what they were. The next most common response was cynicism, suggesting a documented vision and values were mostly words, a nice shop front that had no bearing on what really happens.

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On a coaching call this morning I was reminded again of the distinction between outcome goals i.e. I will have refurbished the whole house by December 2010 and process goals i.e. I need to hire a skip to fill with rubbish, by June 25th, I will hire an interior decorator to give me advice on colours by July 6th. Often we give up on goals if they're all outcome goals because if we haven't broken each outcome goal into a number of separate process goals,

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