Organisational structures kill enthusiasm and productivity

It's a bold claim but one I'm prepared to make. Large organisations have layers of management, numerous divisions and teams, countless individuals and policies and practices for Africa. Decision making tends to be slow, making changes even slower, productivity average and all in all, are places where individual creativity and passion is most likely to be eventually stifled because of the weight of the structure and the weight and complexity of its internal processes. They are sick places, as their full potential (and the potential of people within them) can never be realised. They are structures that are ill equipped to deal with our world today and the needs of today – organisations that are fluid and flexible enough to make rapid change, to throw out the notions of how things have always been done to create new ways of viewing and doing things; to only engage people with passion and personal energy and drive and an ability to think outside the square; to have a light touch with structures and infrastructure, so they too are flexible and adaptable to changing needs. The old way, the traditional way, isn't working anymore. RIP.