Dwan & Associates and Goodman Tavendale Reid are co-presenting a seminar on the challenges and benefits of generational differences in the workplace, in Christchurch, on Monday 11 October, 2010, between 5.00-7.00pm. Cost is $30 and seminar begins with drinks and nibbles. Contact sue@dwanandassociates.com to register your interest.

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The art of procrastination is something some people develop into an art form and they may confess to a marked reluctance to change their ways. Typically, it's because it works well in the short term however, the down side is that it may cause some mental stress when people worry about what they know they're avoiding – typically, avoidance lists get bigger and bigger, until there is a missed deadline or a deadline that is finally,

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I've been thinking of this recently, as I came across http://www.schoolofthinking.com/ and signed on for 10 free lessons on thinking. Every day for the last 10 days, an email has arrived with a link to a key question and a forum to post replies. I've worked through three questions to date and haven't yet replied to the fourth, as I'm still contemplating it. Through the lessons and website, there's access to interesting articles on brain wiring and other associated topics…so far,

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I've been reminded this week of how easy it is to get bogged down. Some months ago I was asked to develop and deliver a one hour seminar on a particular topic. The client urgently needed the seminar because there were things happening in his store he wanted to change. I was asked to give some suggested dates, did so and waited weeks for a response. When I was able to get him on the phone,

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