A Guideline for Coaching in Organisations is currently being edited by Standards Australia. The feedback process with a number of key stakeholders: the International Coach Federation, Sydney University, corporate organisations, Australasian coaches and others, starts late October 2010. The final publication is due out in early 2011. See www.icfaustralia.com/docs/coachlink_Oct10.pdf for details.

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A guy I know who is a bundle of energy, has a super high work ethic, boundless enthusiasm, is fun to be with and he loves nothing more than working, dawn to dusk if necessary. He'd been successfully self employed for decades and when he relocated into another city, worked for an employer until the recession hit and the work dried up. When he recently applied for a role as truck driver in a large company,

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Yes, it's true. Although there are certainly differences between the builders/matures, baby boomers and generations X and Y, there are some similarities: the desire for work/life balance and work flexibility; purposeful, meaningful work; being rewarded in ways that are personally meaningful; recognition for work/contribution; challenge and variety; being heard; the ability to make decisions and have the resources needed to do the work; connectedness, opportunities to learn and develop; a work environment that is pleasant and enjoyable;

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Dwan & Associates and Goodman Tavendale Reid are co-presenting a free seminar on the challenges and benefits of generational differences in the workplace, in Christchurch, on Monday 11 October, 2010, between 5.00-7.00pm. Seminar begins with drinks and nibbles. Contact sue@dwanandassociates.com to register your interest.

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