I really don't like this time of year. The end of year wind down that so many people get into seems to start about October and I often hear "it's nearly the end of year so we'll leave whatever it is until the New Year". It winds me up a treat because the end of year is about eight weeks away by then and when people speak of the New Year, they're typically meaning mid to late January as it's the time of year when so many people take their annual leave and many workplaces are understaffed at that time.

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A dictionary definition of retirement means to give up or to go into seclusion. It suggests a withdrawal from life and the workplace. The notion of retirement is something that many people welcome so they can be free of work pressures and routine and free to pursue other interests. However some people begin their pre-retirement wind down and withdrawal while they are still employed and several years before their intended departure date. Some deliberately slow their work pace down,

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If you've ever wondered about the inner mechanics of a customer/consumer's mind when it comes to buying goods and services; and wondered at the inner mechanics of any seller's mind (any person selling goods or services) Sean D'Souza's book, The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (and Why They Don't), is a good starting point. It makes you think of problems and solutions in a whole new way. And it explains how easy it is to talk past each other,

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Known workplace problems are often ignored. This may occur because people responsible for dealing with them may believe if they ignore the problems, they'll go away on their own accord. Inevitably, they don't and they become entrenched. One reason people ignore issues is because deep down, they have the belief the problem(s) are too hard to tackle. The key to managing known problems is to change the belief system around them into something more realistic and appropriate: problems can be successfully dealt with,

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