Definition of retirement scary and could be avoided

A dictionary definition of retirement means to give up or to go into seclusion. It suggests a withdrawal from life and the workplace. The notion of retirement is something that many people welcome so they can be free of work pressures and routine and free to pursue other interests. However some people begin their pre-retirement wind down and withdrawal while they are still employed and several years before their intended departure date. Some deliberately slow their work pace down, avoid doing tasks they don't believe in, disagree with any organisational change, mentally withdraw and say things like 'I've only got three years, four months, two days and six hours to go until I'm out of here'. The problem with this is that the employer is still paying the wages and should have the expectation that the employee will be fully engaged and productive until the day they leave. Another problem is that the employee may become widely known as dead wood and a liability and their colleagues eventually join in the count down too, until the employee leaves, because they're sick of carrying them. The employee in question typically doesn't know their reputation is poor nor may they be aware of the resentment their colleagues may feel at having to cover for them for years. Preparation for the next life stage needs to start early so the transition from full time to part time work or leaving the workplace altogether is planned. The preparation needs to start while the person is still actively engaged in their work and their departure needs to occur while they are still actively engaged and productive and have their reputations still intact.