Change resistant staff sabotage workplaces

It's a bold claim but one I'm prepared to make. I was reminded of it over the past few weeks when talking to some staff in a small organisation. I heard their workloads had increased and were huge, management weren't listening to them at all and everything considered, things were going to hell in a hand basket. When one of the group challenged their assessment of things and gave updated statistics as to the size of the workloads in relation to each person and in relation to other offices in the region and gave the facts that said the workload was low in comparison and well below the required margin, it was ignored. When the same person explained the steps the managers had put in place to deal with their various concerns, it was ignored, as was the positive evidence that things weren't in a hand basket at all, but clearly on the up and up. What I saw and heard was a group of staff who wanted their work place, their actual work and the expectations upon them, to be like it had been years ago. Their frame of reference was some years in the past, not the present. Some were stuck firmly in the past and choosing to stay there, as evidenced by their complaints and reference back to how things were. What struck me was the time and money wasted in that workplace, as staff complained about everything that didn't suit their old frame of reference and their managers tried everything possible to support them and get them to come on board with the current realities. In the worst case scenario, change resistant staff sabotage workplaces and they do so millimetre by millimetre, on a daily basis, over 52 weeks of a year, for years on end. Staff like this should be helped to leave organisation so that their places can be taken by people who can cope with change, who can change their internal frames of reference and who can adapt their thinking and approach to changing times.