Job security is an illusion

I'm always interested to hear from people that their sector and their job is safe. Safe as in, safe from reforms, from major change, safe from anything that might be swirling around in the other sectors and in the bigger external environment. And these people are shocked when I offer the view that no sector is safe from external and internal change and job security is an illusion in today's world. It just isn't there. In listening to people talk about their safeness and job security, they are, deep down, resistant to change and slow to pick up the clues that the ground beneath them is shifting. Or, they sense pending change and choose to ignore it, in the hope that it will go away. They want everything to remain as it is or used to be. The skills we all need to have today is adaptability and flexibility and a good understanding of our intuitive selves, so that when we get a sense of something, we acknowledge it and act on it.