Future proofing yourself

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about future proofing. Not future proofing a business but myself. And I'm not just thinking about me but other practitioners, consultants, advisors and employees who work across sectors and subject categories and have considerable experience doing so. It can be said that the more you do the more experience you have in something but can we be sure we aren't just repeating the same three or ten years experience every time? The first of the baby boomers generation will hit 65 years of age this year. Some may choose to withdraw from their paid working life completely whereas others may want to keep working and earning indefinitely. And for those who plan to do this (including the baby boomers who aren't anywhere near the 65 year mark yet), they need to ensure they have up-to-date skills, competencies and knowledge to take them into their next 20 plus working years. Years of experience alone in a particular field, may not be enough for the future. Future proofing requires us to look now at what we have and what we may need, to remain employable. This is likely to include formal studies and new qualifications.