No one really likes to admit they have time thieves actively operating in their building, but whether they like it or not, they are there. They're brazen creatures, these time thieves, and there is only one thing for it. They need to be named and outed…and dealt with in the quickest, most humane way possible. How? See

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Speaking as the self-professed Queen of Time Management, I want to encourage everyone, at least once a week, to check their existing time management techniques. Yes, weekly. Why? In times of busyness and complexity the edges can easily get knocked off our techniques and they may become sloppy at the very time when we need them to be at their sharpest. To save you time in refreshing your techniques, here's a series of four short clips to make it easier.

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If nothing else, Christchurch's latest earthquake has shown just how adaptable, flexible and creative people can be. Many employees have been relocated to the suburbs, to other branches out of the city, to their homes, anywhere, to carry on their work. A needs-must approach and a sense of urgency has kicked in. Kitchen tables have become workbenches, cafés with Wifi have become workstations for those with laptops and working remotely is the order of the day.

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To see much of Christchurch city brought to its knees so spectacularly by the 22nd February 2011 earthquake is horrifying. It defies belief. In the midst of the horror, stories have emerged of brave people doing extraordinary things to help strangers and colleagues from collapsed buildings; and in the damaged suburbs, strangers and neighbours helping each other to empty houses, shift silt, get food, water and other supplies. Great leadership and management skills are on display,

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