Recently reported in Her Magazine (June/July 2011; p.14) a recent survey revealed more than 60% of the workforce either hate their jobs or couldn't really care less about their work as long as they get a pay cheque. The research undertaken by Leadership Management Australasia asked nearly 4000 respondents in NZ and Australia how they felt about their jobs. It showed nearly ½ were considering looking for a new job while 62% either hated or were ambivalent about their work.

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The Ministry of Women's Affairs (NZ) has launched ‘My Board Strengths', a unique online self-assessment tool to help women who want to serve on boards. Users can take part in virtual board meetings to experience the boardroom environment in a private online setting. Do check it out: and follow the links to Women on Boards then Links and Resources then My Board Strengths.


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When we begin large projects or start to tackle longstanding issues with a long time frame, it's easy to get bogged down if we feel we aren't making progress quickly enough or we feel overwhelmed by the enormity of what needs to be done or the barriers that stand in the way of progress. A way to minimise this feeling is to get early runs on the board, the small quick wins that will encourage us to keep on going.

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I'm reading my way through 'The 2020 Workplace' by Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd (2010). They explore future workplaces shaped by social media technologies and the Millennial generation (born between 1977 – 1997), a generation of hyper connected workers. Meister and Willyerd outline 20 predictions for the 2020 workplace and paint a picture of an intensely personalised, social experience to attract, develop and engage employees across all generations and geographic locations. It is a compelling,

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Yes, because to date, approximately 700 New Zealanders are recipients of a Winston Churchill Fellowship through the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. The Trust is a bit of a well kept secret and not many people know the Fellowships are open to all New Zealanders to do study that will benefit not only them but New Zealand. Do take some time to check it out – email and ask for details. You too,

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