Lessons in resilience

In Christchurch, NZ, we are but three days away from the first anniversary of the September 4 2010 earthquake. It also marks twelve months with ongoing disruption and destruction; deaths, injuries and uncertainty; constant change and losses of all description. It also highlights a year of community connections, humanity, compassion, generosity and astonishing resilience. And the question I've reflected upon endlessly over the year is what builds resilience? It seems some of the traits include: a positive, optimistic outlook; good self care; gratitude (for what we already have); letting go of assumptions, expectations, rigid beliefs and concrete plans; being open to receive (advice, guidance, change, help); adapting quickly to changing circumstances; being in the moment (focusing on what is happening and needs doing this day, not days ahead); getting over yourself (egos can fool us into thinking our view of the world is the only one to have, which can keep us stuck); and self belief (we can do more than we think possible; that we will get through challenging times). Any change requires us to get out of our comfort zone into an uncomfortable zone. This provides opportunities for personal growth and development and we can then continue to discover our true capacity.