Franchise systems approach highly transferable

Franchises have an edge over non-franchise businesses and organisations when it comes down to operating systems and processes. Before a franchise chain opens its doors for the first time, every process and system in their operation has been mapped, documented, flow-charted, tested, refined, tested and fine-tuned to perfection. The result is simple, effective, standardised, time efficient systems that anyone can follow. This makes for effective training of personnel and a fast uptake on how the organisation functions.

Can the same approach be said for other organisations? Oftentimes, organisational processes and systems aren't regularly reviewed in their entirety and new processes or systems get added on, as the need arises. The difficulty with this approach is often the add-ons don't marry with the core system, causing some duplication or process gaps or steps that don't match original flow charts or original documentation.

If you haven't done so recently, ask the current users of your current systems and processes how easy they are to follow and use; how logical the flow of information is and how user-friendly they actually are. If the feedback is all positive, that's a cause for celebration. If the findings suggest otherwise, review all systems and processes. Inefficient systems and processes cost time and money and tend to frustrate and turn off the people who use them. Who can afford that?