Thinking about every big and small issue, constantly? Feeling tired by burning up so much mental energy? Getting nowhere with the issues you're constantly ruminating on? Try the box technique. Note and mentally label all the issues/concerns you currently have i.e. mortgage, the house renovation, the lost documents. Consign them to separate ‘brain boxes' and only think of the different separate issues when you need to. Discipline yourself to do this (this is difficult to do,

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Is there really such a thing as work and life balance? Do we need to have every aspect of our life in perfect balance? And what does balance mean, for every individual? While you dwell on these questions you may like to draw Waitley's Work/Life Pie to help you reach your own conclusions: (1) draw a circle (2) chunk it up into the core categories of physical, work, family, mental, spiritual, community, social and financial and the proportion of time you allocate to each category (3) draw another circle,

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What are you tolerating on a daily basis? When you wander through your home or office, what grabs your eye and you think "oh, that's right, I must remember to fix that" or "I'll get onto that" and you never do? When you think about those ‘must do tolerations' does your energy immediately drop? Tolerations are huge energy drains and unless they're eliminated, they can create constant, just-below-the-surface stress. The good news is there is no need to tolerate the intolerable,

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