One way we can rapidly lose our focus and energy is when we become emotionally caught up in issues or situations. Depending on the issue at hand, we may find ourselves angry, frustrated, jealous, frightened, cynical or paralysed with indecision. We may find ourselves locked into these emotions every time we think of the particular issues – we get ourselves stuck, in other words, in the 'basement', with our base level emotions. One way to avoid getting stuck is to take a 'penthouse'

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A huge amount of energy is wasted being concerned or worried about things. So that we don't get overwhelmed by our numerous concerns, we need to know two things: (1) what is in our ‘circle of concern' and (2) what is in our ‘circle of influence'. There's a world of difference between the two. Many issues in our circle of concern are items we have no direct control or influence over i.e. we can't do anything abut them.

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