A recent Statistics NZ report entitled: Working together: Racial discrimination in New Zealand revealed racial discrimination was the most common form of discrimination experienced by workers; Asian peoples reported the highest levels of racism in workplaces, in public places/on the streets and getting service when purchasing items; followed by Maori and Pacific peoples. It is disturbing given the Human Rights legislation was introduced in 1993 (and subsequently added to) to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race,  » Read more about: Racism exists in the underbelly of many workplaces  »

A recent report from the Consultative Forum on Mature Age Participation in the Workforce revealed, not surprisingly, that age discrimination is alive and well. There are many barriers to mature age employment that come at a cost – to individuals, to companies and the country itself. It's a fair bet the Australian research findings would apply to New Zealand also. Read more about this on: http://www.productiveageing.com.au/site/grants_arc.php


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